Jaki Sabourin

Jaki Sabourin

Relationship and Empowerment Coach

Jaki sees her calling in assisting women an men of any age from all over the world to find and keep love in their relationships. Her own online New Ultimate Woman Program has helped thousands of singles. Along with her practical experience, Jaki has successful coaching courses and seminars.
Besides, Jaki Sauborin spent 25 years in spirituality and self-discovery while living on the Maui island. She started her training as a communication specialist in this environment and immersed herself deeply in the study of meditation and personal awareness. Thus, theoretical and practical knowledge of the human mind makes Sabourin a high-flyer and in-demand specialist.
Jaki is happy to have the opportunity to help all the representatives of the fair sex to discover happy and healthy relationships. Love is a lifelong dynamic process that needs constant work on it. This belief aims Jaki to help people nurture love and raise harmonious romances. She conciders that everyone can have the relationship they deserve.
Her personal example inspires many ladies that you can find your perfect match at any age, even if your heart is broken. Yet, Jaki was happy to find her ideal partner after 8 years of being single. She was 50 at that time. After learning her inspiring experience, women regain their faith in themselves.
On her YouTube channel, Jaki Sauborin gives practical and free advice to women on achieving happiness in personal life and attracting harmony in everyday life. Jaki's technique works. That's confirmed by the thousands of grateful feedback from women.

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