Online dating sites and apps have become incredibly popular ways to meet new partners in the UK. The country ranks third in terms of revenue in online dating market. If you intend to find a wife UK through mail order bride sites, this article aims to answer all your questions about how mail order brides work, which niche dating sites to use, and how to build online relationships. Keep reading to stay updated on the current state of the UK dating industry and get the latest information on mail order brides UK!

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What exactly are mail order brides?

👰 Total number of mail order bride marriages in the UKOver 10000
👩‍🦰 Top countries of origin for mail order brides to the UKUK, Ukraine, Poland, China, The Philippine
💟 Average age of brides in mail order marriages25-34 y.o.
💌 Average communication period before marriage2-3 years
💍 Success rate of mail order marriages75%
💲 Average mail order bride cost£5000-8000

Mail order brides are ladies willing to find potential foreign partners on international dating sites. They’re focused on starting a serious relationship that would have the potential to grow into marriage. Although these women have strong family ties, they’ll accept your offer to move to your country and settle down there.

The age of women looking for marriage in the UK varies a lot. For example, those 18-24-year-old ones are getting or already got higher education and they’re open to adventures and new experiences. Ladies who are 25-34 and slightly older want to combine building their careers and managing their private lives. You can also meet females over 45-50 striving to meet a special man and enjoy happy moments with him.

Is getting a mail order bride a good option?

uk mail order bride
UK Mail order bride | Source:

To answer such question shortly – yes. Online dating has been experiencing high popularity for almost a decade. First dating platforms were designed more than 2 decades ago, and during this time, more and more men and women looking for relationships or marriage online have been creating dating profiles. 

There are many things that make UK mail order brides services demanded and effective:

  • Communicating online is more comfortable and simple;
  • Online dating is more affordable with many sites offering budget-friendly services;
  • To find a bride online does not demand a significant time commitment;
  • There are numerous alluring British mail order brides to choose from;
  • You can connect with women from various backgrounds and preferences;
  • You can take your time to get to know mail order wives before meeting in person.

Which mail order bride site has the most members?

Well, there are a few dating platforms that have a significant number of active users. For example, SofiaDate has over 1 million members, the majority being female users aged 25 to 34. Check the top most popular and widely populated platforms where you can find British mail order brides from the comfort of your home:

Are mail order bride sites worth it?

Absolutely, dating services are worth it! First of all, let’s talk about prices – reputable dating sites like SofiaDate typically cost around $200 per month, making them a reasonable investment! 

Secondly, you’re offered thousands of British mail order brides looking for marriage and ready to chat and get to know you. Many of them may share your goals, dreams, and values which is one of the keys to successful dating.

Lastly, let’s talk about simplicity and comfort. Unlike real-life dating, online dating doesn’t require thinking about potential entertainment, places to go, as well as topics to discuss. You can sit at home or be at work and chat with beautiful mail order women! You can read plenty of information on your date’s profile page, which would allow you to come up with interesting topics to discuss.

Why do mail order brides seek British men?

According to the surveys on dating websites, most British brides are seeking relationships with their compatriots. If you’re an English man and you wish to find your email order bride in the United Kingdom, this section will be useful for you!

bride with british man
British man with a foreign woman | Source:

They believe British men can make them happy

Beautiful mail order brides UK truly believe that local guys could make them happy. They share a common culture, language, and understanding of societal norms. This can facilitate smoother communication and a deeper connection. Meanwhile, they have all the tools to figure out whether a person will be a great partner for them or not. Online communication leaves plenty of time for both guys and girls to consider possible future together.

British brides know how romantic UK men are

Another common reason for mail order bride UK to seek love with English men is the fact that they consider these guys gentlemanly, polite, and quite romantic. Plenty of dating platforms can allow you to order a bride online and send her gifts and flowers. Such an option is incredibly popular among guys from the UK, which is why a lot of brides know that their potential husbands are very attentive.

UK men are financially stable and successful

Although it’s not the fundamental factor, almost every mail order girl wants to marry a man who would provide for the family. Lots of beautiful mail order brides want to devote time and energy to creating a family and being loving wives. However, if a man is not financially successful, they’d need to spend a lot of time working hard. If you want to buy a wife online, get ready to be responsible for security and a comfortable life.

Best Mail Order Brides Profiles

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Mae, 51
Oksana, 35
Vanessa, 34
Vanavi, 23
Andrea, 28
Viktoria, 24
Alena, 30
Diandra, 28
Koraima, 38
Lyudmila, 27
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How much is a mail order marriage? Financial aspects of getting a mail order spouse

When searching for a British mail order bride, you’ll have to pay for different services. Normally, expenses differ from case to case, but it’s possible to calculate approximate prices:

  • Online dating. If you pay for using premium options, your virtual love search experience will have more chances to be successful. As usual, men spend $200 monthly on getting all the advantages of a website.
  • Visiting your overseas bride. The cost of a trip will depend on the country, but on average, you should count on at least $2,000 to spend 2 weeks with your bride abroad.
  • Covering a fiancee visa fee. If your future spouse isn’t going to live in the UK, it’ll cost £115 ($140). In case you’re planning to settle down there, the price is £1,846 ($2,254).
  • Wedding. You may spend around either $10,000 or $50,000 on organizing a big day. The total cost will include a restaurant, professional photographer, attires, floristry, etc. So, this aspect depends on your choices and budget.

Once you pick a budget wedding celebration and you’re going to live in the UK with your future wife, you’ll spend around $15,000-$20,000 on mail order marriage.

How can you find a wife in the UK online?

To meet foreign online brides, follow this easy process:

  1. Analyze the niche.

    In UK you can meet mail order brides from different countries through international dating services, so choose those popular in the preferable region. Read credible reviews considering both expert and user opinions.

  2. Register on a platform.

    You’ll be asked to provide some basic details, including your age, name, and email. 

  3. Update your profile.

    Foreign women will hardly answer a guy who doesn’t have any information and photos in his account. In fact, you won’t even have to think about what to tell because dating sites have prepared forms you can fill in. 

  4. Search for girls to your taste.

    Some platforms have a swiping feature, and others allow you to choose different filters. However, in most cases, you can specify age and location.

  5. Interact with foreign ladies.

    You’ll have all the necessary tools at your service. The most common ones are live chat and mail. However, chances are the selected site has a video connection option and a range of extra features.

Find out the most important aspects of marrying international mail order brides below. 

UK immigration laws

You should know the regulations connected with taking a foreign partner to the UK. Learn visa-related norms next.

Types of visas and requirements

A mail order bride seeking marriage in UK has to pass a strict immigration process to become the wife of a local citizen and stay in the country:

  • Fiancee visa. It’ll be valid for half a year, so you’ll have to arrange a wedding within this period. 
  • Spouse visa. Your partner has to switch to this visa type after marrying you.  Its validity period is 30 months during which she can study and work in the UK. When it expires, mail order wives may extend it. 
  • Indefinite leave to remain. Application for this status is made after living in the UK for 5 years and is considered a permanent residency. 

Although following the process may seem confusing, you’ll cope with each step and have a wonderful life together.

Spousal sponsorship

You have to be able to support your foreign bride financially and provide her with everything that will make her stay comfortable. The annual income of partners in total must be at least £18,600. For switching to a spouse visa, this information and evidence of your earnings will be considered. However, you might be asked to show your current salary.

Those planning to marry their mail order brides in the UK should be aware of fees. Here’s how much different visa types cost:

  • Fiancee visa –  £1,846.
  • Spouse visa –  £1,048.
  • Indefinite leave to remain – £2,389.

Chances are you may have additional expenses, so save a little more money.

International marriage broker regulation

If you plan to seek a wife from abroad through a mail order bride agency, you should know about the immigration norms described above. What about other countries? For example, in the USA, there are two important acts:

  • International Marriage Brokerage Regulation Act (IMBRA). Foreign spouses of US citizens must be provided with all the necessary information about their legal rights and warned about the violent history of their partners. 
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Created in 1994, it’s called to protect overseas wives from abusers and allows them to participate in the immigration process without their violent husbands. 

As you can see, getting internet order brides from abroad is strictly regulated, which means that everything is legal.

Myths vs. reality: misconceptions about mail order brides

Men interested in free mail order brides shouldunderstand that they’ll still have to cover the costs connected with online dating, visits abroad, visa fees, etc. However, it’s not the only detail you can get wrong or simply aren’t prepared for. Find out the main myths and aspects to consider before starting to look for real mail order brides below!

Despite the serious advantage of international love search, relationships with foreign women are still surrounded by stereotypes. Let’s debunk the most widespread ones:

  • You can buy or find a wife in the catalog. First, it’s necessary to clarify what are mail order brides so you know how everything works. Those are single females who would like to meet potential husbands on an international dating site. No human trafficking affairs or other illegal actions are involved here.
  • They just want to stay in the UK. If you’re not familiar with the immigration process, you should investigate the topic are mail order brides legal, but in general, it’s incredibly hard for a foreigner to achieve success in such a scheme. A potential spouse and her UK man will have to provide evidence that their relationship is real so she can obtain a visa.
  • Overseas ladies don’t speak English. Many young mail order brides know the language excellently, including Filipino, Ukrainian, Polish, and Puerto Rican girls. 
  • Women from abroad only seek your money. When you visit single ladies’ profiles on a dating platform, you’ll notice that most of them have higher education and good jobs. Therefore, foreign wives aren’t gold-diggers who want to empty their spouses’ banking accounts.

Of course, the described cases can take place, but the percentage that it’ll happen to you is almost equal to zero.

uk mail order brides
Beautiful girls for marriage | Source:

If you have already serious intentions about getting a foreign mail order bride, consider the best countries to look for a potential partner:

  • 🇺🇦 Ukraine. Local women are a perfect choice for those who understand real Slavic beauty. Ukrainian girls are well-known for great attention to their appearance and style. Their personal features are also incredible as you won’t find kinder, smarter, and simply better wives.
  • 🇹🇭 Thailand. These Asian girls can easily win the heart of a foreigner with their feminine nature and stunning looks. Modesty combined with a loyal attitude is a wonderful symbiosis. 
  • 🇵🇭 The Philippines. Filipino women are the friendliest and the most warm-hearted across Asia. They’re easy-going, laidback, and amazingly romantic. They respect their husbands and strive to support them with any decision.
  • 🇲🇽 Mexico. Having an affectionate, hot temper, a girl from this country will charm you with her charisma. She’s sincere and talks freely about her feelings and expresses her opinion. When a Mexican lady is in love, she does everything so that her man understands he’s one and only for her.
  • 🇨🇴 Colombia. When looking girl for marriage in UK, choose Colombian females because they’re among the most desirable Latinas. Their confidence will impress you and drive you crazy. Speaking of their other personality traits, you’ll adore the way Colombian ladies take care of their closest people.

You’ll never go wrong with your choice if you start dating a girl from one of the listed countries.

Real Success Stories & Testimonials

Paul and Victoriya
Paul and Victoriya

“I thought that I was the luckiest guy ever to meet Victoriya. I strongly support Ukraine and even researched its history, but that wasn’t enough for me. I created a dating profile and got acquainted with Victoriya who stole my heart. It was real chemistry on our first real date!”

Nick and Davika
Nick and Davika

“When I felt that it was time to get back in the game after the divorce, I registered on a dating app. I saw Davika’s profile and her photos fascinated me. We could chat endlessly, but in a month, I offered her to have a real meeting. That vacation in Thailand was the happiest period in the last 5 years.”

Mike and Rosa
Mike and Rosa

“I wanted to practice my Spanish and found real love as a bonus. Communication with Rosa on a dating site gave me so much joy. Our first offline date was full of emotions I never felt before, which brings me belief that the best is yet to come.”

Mail order brides risks & precautions: avoiding scams and red flags

Follow these recommendations to not become the victim of a fraudulent scheme when seeking English brides online:

  • Look for verified profiles. Female members who passed validation have a sign on their account.
  • Monitor the women you chat with. You can search for their social media pages, but there should be recent photos and posts. Also, the number of their followers must be more than 1 person who looks like a bot.
  • Never give money. When a woman asks you for financial support, whether she needs to pay bills at the hospital, pay for a repair, or wants to visit you, don’t trust her. If you send your funds, she’ll need more or never appear again in your chat.
  • Don’t press links. In case someone gives you a website address, avoid clicking it because your device will be attacked by a virus.
  • Stay on a dating platform. Starting communicating via a messenger outside your app may seem more convenient, but it’s dangerous. A scammer will reach your personal data which can lead to money loss. 

Look for a girlfriend in a mail order bride catalog on a trusted dating website and report customer support of fraudulent activity.

Helping a mail order bride adjust to life in the UK

You must be ready for a huge responsibility if you’re interested in finding mail order brides from another country. Here are the aspects you’ll have to take care of:

  • Prepare to support her financially. That would be around £700-£1,000 per month. If you want to know more about the financial factor, read the guide to a mail order bride cost.
  • Find her English classes. Even if she knows the language well, your lady might need to improve it to speak fluently. Prices start at approximately £70.
  • Get your partner into your circle. When picking foreign women for marriage, you’ll have to introduce her to your friends, spend time together with your family, etc.
  • Help her discover the culture and local attractions. Tell her about traditions in your country and city, show her places of interest, and acquaint her with the spots around.
  • Involve her traditions in your life. Overseas brides expect their husbands to accept their customs and respect their desire to keep them in their families.

Those points are crucial for mail order marriages and enjoying your relationship with a foreign girl.

Assess your readiness for a cross-cultural relationship

Consider the information below to realize whether it’s a good idea to get a foreign wife. 

  1. Reflect on your motivations. If you just want to check are mail order brides real for fun, that’s not the best motive. Those women are serious about their intentions and desire to start a family with a foreign man.
  2. Evaluate your cultural openness. You must be tolerant of other cultures and traditions that differ from yours. Mail order bride industry allows you to find a wife of any nationality and it’s necessary to accept her background.
  3. Consider your communication skills. You’ll have to talk a lot to get to know each other, explain your societal norms, etc. Moreover, you must be overly patient with foreign brides because there will be things in your culture and society that they don’t understand. 
  4. Assess your adaptability and flexibility. You’ll need to dedicate much time to helping your spouse adjust to a new environment. Another detail to consider is her habits which can involve different holiday celebrations, another day routine, food preferences, etc.
  5. Understand the legal and social implications. Marrying legit mail order brides is all about getting along with the immigration process. Starting with a family visa, extending it after a wedding, and applying for citizenship requires knowledge and patience.
  6. Are you committed to continuous self-growth? Once you decide to search for a life partner from abroad, your life will be full of new experiences. It also means constantly developing your best features, including respect, tolerance, and acceptance.

Now that you’re aware of the details you should consider, it’ll be easier to prepare for a foreign partner. If you’re ready to explore her culture, spend time helping your lady get used to a new place, and learn about immigration processes, start looking for an overseas wife!

Still can’t meet a mail order bride?

This article has provided insights into how UK mail order brides work. Finding a suitable date is a lengthy process, and one common challenge for British men is being either incredibly specific or too vague. Think what your potential bride should look like, but be ready to allow some changes. To find a wife UK online, use top dating websites in the region with verified profiles and confidently show your best qualities. Buying a bride online means showing her your serious intentions and commitment to creating a happy and fulfilling life together.

Additional resources

When searching for a foreign partner, consider the following helpful resources:

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