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Chinese culture is characterized by the tradition of honoring the ancestors. Inheritance is not a status. The next generation has to work and earn to support their parents. One of the most important points to bear in mind is that the bride’s family is the responsibility of the husband’s family. This is why young women who came to China to marry in their early twenties had to leave their families, starting with their husbands to move to their husband’s hometown.

👰 Female Population696.8 mln
💒 Average Marriage Age24 y.o.
💵 Average Chinese Bride Price in UK£2800-3500
🏙️ Popular Chinese Cities to Find BridesShanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong
🔗 Top Sites to Meet Chinese WomenSakuraDate.com, EasternHoneys.com, NaomiDate.com

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How to meet a Chinese woman for marriage

The official Beijing Wedding Tourism is offering the easiest way to find a Chinese bride by adopting a cheerful and friendly attitude. The part of the tours will include the pre-wedding party in Beijing and the wedding ceremony in the bride’s hometown. All meetings are arranged with the bride’s relatives and children. The soon-to-be brides were born in the big cities and have a Chinese name. If the couple would not live together after the marriage, then their children would remain with their relatives.

Best Chinese Brides Profiles

Yuwei, 24
Xiang, 20
Yiqi, 29
Gui ying, 41
Yanhua, 39
Hong Wei, 22
Yan, 31
Lijia, 29
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How much does a Chinese bride cost

For everyone who would want to get married, or just buy a wife, there is a need to have a family for them to go back to. The bride’s price includes the wedding day ceremony, pre-wedding party in Beijing, accommodation for the bride and groom in a rented apartment, and much more. The latter shall be paid in advance. Most of the families do not accept the bride price from foreigners. If they do, then the couple will have to give at least 2,000 euros for every couple of weeks of marriage. When the wedding happens in China, the bride and groom spend on average 2000 euros on the ceremony and another 2,000 euros for the honeymoon.

Basic Character Traits of Chinese women for marriage

Chinese Bride
Beautiful Chinese Girl For Marriage | Source: SakuraDate.com

Chinese brides have many different nationalities, but the most frequent is Han Chinese. Before the wedding day, a henna tattoo is one of the most important rituals to adopt. The woman must look pretty all over her body. And she must have the usual of the skin color: black or white. Also, when the bride comes to be with her new husband, she will have the knife in her hand. If she can cut the wedding, it means that she is free to marry a new husband.

Han brides usually have a Chinese name. She must be over 20 years old, preferably over 23 years old. Her age also affects the weight of the bride. Around a third of all women in China are obese. Chinese brides are also slim and quite friendly, but their voices are very soft. She will wear the traditional Chinese dresses or blouses. Her hair is worn in a braided or a long braid. Brides, who have a better education, usually have a college degree.

☑️ Essential Questions about Chinese Brides Answered

What are key cultural aspects to consider when marrying a Chinese bride?

When marrying a Chinese bride, UK men should respect Chinese cultural values like filial piety, collectivism, and the importance of family. Understand traditions like tea ceremonies, red symbolizing luck, and respecting elders. Communication and patience are vital, as is learning some Mandarin for better understanding. Embrace cultural diversity for a harmonious marriage with a China girl.

What is the typical cost associated with marrying a Chinese bride?

The cost of marrying a Chinese bride can vary widely. In China, a wedding ceremony can cost around $10,000 to $30,000, while in the UK, it may range from $20,000 to $40,000 or more. Visa fees for bringing a spouse to the UK can be around $1,500 to $2,500.

What are some unique wedding traditions in China?

In China, wedding traditions include the tea ceremony symbolizing respect, red as a lucky color, “Double Happiness” symbol, elaborate banquets with symbolic dishes, playful door games for the groom, firecrackers, and lion dances for good luck, and the use of phoenix and dragon symbols. Couples select auspicious wedding dates, and bridal processions and betrothal gifts are also customary, showcasing the rich cultural diversity within the country.

What are some characteristics of Chinese women for marriage?

Most Chinese brides belong to the Han nationality. Traditionally, they undergo a henna tattoo ritual before marriage, signifying readiness for marriage. They are often well-educated, with many holding college degrees, and prefer traditional Chinese dresses and long braided hairstyles

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